This service is targeted at meeting short term corporate transportation needs for marketing, promotions, pool car, operations etc. It also assists individuals in meeting short term leisure needs, airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

This service ensures that your long term car rental needs are met at a more budget friendly rate. The service is suitable for both corporate and leisure car rental needs.

Management of drivers, increasing maintenance cost, operational efficiency and cash flow management are some of the major uncertainties managed by businesses of today’s world. To ensure that your company focuses on its core activities our fleet management allows you take a car of your choice then we take all these worries away from you in return for just a budget friendly monthly rental.

Outsourcing drivers is a smart and effective way to give your company an edge in today’s competitive market. GKT is a provider of temporary and long-term driver employment solutions, outsourcing drivers gives you the efficiency and flexibility you need to help your company better manage driver-related costs and expenses.

The process of fully outsourcing drivers with GKT begins with our team of employment specialists working with you to create a customized hiring plan for your company. Your company’s unique driver needs are then matched with highly-qualified and pre-screened drivers who meet or exceed our rigorous standards. Throughout the duration of their employment with your company, GKT handles burdensome HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, taxes, workers’ compensation and recordkeeping while you enjoy the benefits of a leaner, more efficient workforce.

Our Corporate Protocol Management service allows your organization to transfer the management of the logistics of your expatriates and executives throughout their stay in the country. By this we arrange the pick up from the airport with an agreed suitable car, security and ensure their movement within the country is adequately taken care of. We also book hotels and arrange for flights booking where required.

Our corporate account arrangement allows corporate organizations to maintain an account with us that allow corporate organizations have certain vehicles reserved for them for a period usually about a year. This arrangement allows the company access to such vehicle in the period at short notice. It is best suited when the time of usage of the vehicle is usually not predictable.

Management of and provision of staff buses services is an area we have developed unrivalled competence over the years. This service allows our customers to count on us for convenience, consistency, courtesy and safety expected of a world class chauffeured transportation company. The quality of services we have delivered over the years has endeared us to leading corporate organisations in Nigeria.